Online dating can be fun if you give it a try

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Online dating is fast becoming a recognised and approved method of social interaction. Previously online dating was viewed as tool used only by the socially awkward. There are over 1 million Australian singles currently members of online dating sites, with an average increase of 5% annually of users. Time constrictions and finance prove to be large factors.“ I don’t have the time or money to spend at bars hoping to meet someone!”

Free VS Paying

This can be a high determining factor in the choice of site you wish to be a member. Some online dating sites are completely free, other use various payment methods. Ozlove is now a 100% free online dating site with no lock in contract.

What to look for in a dating site

Most online dating sites offer a computer based matchmaking program. This is a helpful service, as logical connections are made between members through compiled information such as interests, likes, age preference and desired relationships. Your subscription fee (if any) should include access to all site features and should not be limited. Look for paying sites that offer a free trial period for the try before you buy method. Or look for free sites with good feedback. You should also be able to cancel your membership at any given time without incurring any additional fees.

Getting the most for your money

Subscription fees can vary between each site. Some require no subscription fee, this seems to be the preferred method. Some online dating sites use a monthly subscription fee and others use a pay as you go credit based system where you pay for individual site features e.g instant messaging. Some sites will also incorporate both. Subscription fees that include access to all site features without limitation is the preferred method. In summary a low subscription fee and full site access is a necessity.

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