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PRIVACY POLICY Pty Ltd (Acn: 145288160) Introduction licence (3399394) is an Australian owned company designed for adults seeking love or friendship via online dating. Protecting your privacy and personal information is our number one priority. You as the member can assist in this role by keeping your username, password and email confidential. This policy should be read and understood in conjunction with Ozlove’s Term of Use. This police may be amended, please revise periodically for amendments.

Information collected/Monitored

Through your membership registration, personal information is collected this includes, your name, date of birth and your email address. You will also be required to provide purchase information for ongoing use of the site. This information is the data you as the member provide to Ozlove. This personal information will be protected from unauthorised access and disclosure. No personal information will be shared. Usage of the site (duration, pages visited, and time of visit) is recorded to improve your experience and our marketing ability. Surveys may also be conducted for data collection. It is at the member’s discretion to participate in these surveys. Ozlove’s matchmaking program allows you to provide information to find the most compatible match for you. Ozlove may also use members confirmed email address to send invites to events of interest which will be held. Ozlove’s software contains a message filter which is used only for the safety of it’s members, it picks up on key words which may be used to con, threaten or abuse members. Any members found violating the terms of use/other members will be removed from the site.

Reason for information collection

The primary reason your information is collected is to provide you with a personalised and customised experience of our services. Ozlove collects this information to be able to communicate with you, and provide you with information on news or events you may be interested in. Cookies and other internet tools are used to facilitate your ongoing access to the site. Information collected is stored through cookies. (See Terms and Conditions- Definitions) This information is kept to assist the needs of our members. Disabling cookies may affect the service ability of the site. Information collected can also be used to investigate complaints or unlawful activity.

Disclosing collected information

Ozlove is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. Ozlove may disclose information to third parties who perform functions on our behalf, such as payment processing, marketing and advertising. Ozlove may disclose information to your internet service provider or persons authorised by you. Ozlove may also disclose information as part of an investigation or if required by law. If you wish to access other personal information we hold about you, please email us at


You are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and security of your username and password, and are responsible for all actions and posts under your username/password. If there is unauthorised access to your username/password you must notify Ozlove immediately. Identification to prove your identity may be requested at any time in compliance with these terms. While using this site you agree to comply with all laws and regulations relevant. Ozlove may be required to provide information to law enforcement agencies, and if so shall reveal any information required. All posted information and content on Ozlove shall be treated as private and confidential, for security of its members. You agree that Ozlove is able to monitor your activity on this site for our research/marketing purposes. You can change or remove personal information through editing their profile. Ozlove cannot guarantee that any information stored on our servers or transmitted to or from a member, will be free from unauthorised access. Transmitted data may be intercepted by a third party in the course of its delivery. You acknowledge that you understand these risks by accessing

Contacting Ozlove

If you wish to contact Ozlove regarding privacy please email us at For all contact information, please refer to our contacts page. For additional information about Australia’s Privacy Laws visit