As people turn towards online dating, numerous studies seek to develop the best technologies to guarantee success.

And it turns out that artificial intelligence might be the perfect tool to achieve it.

01. The AI is designed to improve the online dating experience.

Pop culture has created a widespread fear about the evolution of AI. However, nothing further from the truth—it’s a mere technological tool designed to improve your dating experience by trying to mimic, within possible, aspects of natural human interaction.

02. It studies your online pattern to understand you better...

AI in dating websites and apps gather information provided to them—conscious and unconsciously.

Whether it is by filling a questionnaire or by studying your behavior, it starts building a database that will help it improve the matchmaking algorithm to your benefit.

03. …And help you improve your profile.

With the information gathered, AI can access its database and study the patterns, behaviors, and factors that may be negatively impacting your dating prospects.

Aspects such as the length of your description or the angle of your photo may be inconsequential to you, but the AI could determine whether it affects your profile or not.

04. AI keeps track of hateful or inappropriate behavior.

Whether it is racist, sexist, aggressive, abusive, or stalking behavior, AI has become quite proficient at detecting it.

Not only does this guarantee a happier online dating experience, but it also discourages aggravating behavior from such users.

05. With AI, low-quality content is filtered out.

Google claims that its AI is successful in detecting and deleting over 99.9% of all Gmail spam mails. As such, it is only a matter of time before such an efficient technology makes its way to dating websites.

06. AI is very good at detecting fraud and scams. .

Dating sites and apps—particularly the free ones—are fertile soil for fraud and scammers. But it turns out AI may be close to putting an end to this.

According to the BBC, in 2019, an AI system spotted scammers in dating sites with an accuracy of 93%.

07. There are many types of matches made possible through AI.

The world of online dating AI is vast, colorful, and full of possibilities.

According to your interests, Artificial Intelligence can help you match with your dream partner according to astrology and even DNA.

08. AI can help you plan your offline meeting.

After carefully studying both partners’ profiles, interests, habits, conversations, and time online, AI technology can predict when it’s the right moment to meet offline.

Not only that, but it can also provide dating advice and suggest a time and place based on their personalities.

09. Catfishing might be a thing of the past.

By implementing human-assisted AI for photo verification, catfishing might as well end for good.

AI can study photos and detect the suspicious ones before proceeding to ask for verification in the form of a real-time selfie.

10. AI is continuously evolving and improving.

The most significant aspect of AI you should keep in mind is that it is never static. Artificial intelligence keeps learning and improving; therefore, the online dating experience will only keep changing.

Hopefully, for good.

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