Despite some feeble shortcomings, the arrival of numerous apps and websites meant to help single folks find love has proven to be game-changing, facilitating new relationships of all kinds all over the world - for good or bad.

Luckily, there is a lot more good than otherwise.

10. It's the easiest way to meet new people.

For the shier, less outgoing types, online dating is an invaluable tool to meet new people. It allows you to get to know others without significant effort and without putting yourself in uncomfortable social situations.

You log in, and that's it.

09. Date all over the world.

Through online dating, your social circle expands in ways that traditional dating cannot match.

People from all over the world and from different backgrounds are now able to meet and date. Traditional dating, on the other hand, restricts you within a given geographical area.

08. Information is abundant - if so you want.

With traditional dating, acquiring information is a slow process. On the other hand, online dating allows people within the dating pool to exchange information they deem essential.

However, if you prefer anonymity and want to find like-minded souls, you're in luck - many dating websites offer discreet approaches.

07. You can be selective.

It usually takes a date or two to filter out people you consider incompatible through regular dating. In contrast, online dating makes it easier to avoid matching up with someone with characteristics you deem unsuitable.

Nowadays, most dating websites allow you to filter through potential partners according to specific criteria.

06. Online dating is safer.

Online dating is not free of risks, and one should exercise caution. However, it's a much safer alternative to engaging in traditional dating.

Suppose you are careful enough to protect your sensitive information. In that case, online dating allows you to meet new people with minimal danger, while traditional dating carries the risks associated with physical encounters with strangers.

05. Makes it easier to avoid awkwardness.

Meeting people for the first time within a dating context can be nerve-wracking, regardless of experience.

Online dating can make things less awkward. Small talk is easygoing, you can get to know them little by little, and the pressure of answering in a timely manner diminishes a lot.

04. Rejection doesn't sting as badly.

Online dating has made rejection - an inevitable yet sour part of the dating process - into a much more palatable experience.

Through online dating, you only match up with others through mutual interest. Even if it turns out there is no chemistry between both, the minimal time and money investment can make rejection far more tolerable and less hurtful.

03. Online dating saves time ...

Traditional dating is time-consuming. Going out and changing social circles are foolproof ways to meet others, but it can take weeks or months.

With online dating, the algorithm does the job for you. You can see a list of single folks and match up with them without leaving the comfort of your home.

02. ... And money.

According to a study made by ConvergEx Group, the average couple engaging in traditional dating can spend around $23,660 during the courting process, which tends to last 42 months.

In contrast, online dating saves up to $12,803 for the couple through fewer dates and a shorter courting period.

01. It produces longer-lasting marriages.

Despite the stereotypes, multiple studies have shown that couples who meet online are statistically more stable and long-lasting.

Two different studies establish that married couples who met online display lower divorce rates and separation than their traditionally-dating peers.

Subsequently, online dating proves to be efficient not only for casual relationships but also for long-term dynamics.

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